What We Do

Sales & Representation

FSM Partnership Sales represents global sports properties, networks, and venues. Our consultative approach to sales, utilizes FSM’s experience and innovative thinking to connect brands with some of the most ardent and large scale audiences worldwide. By identifying the story a brand wants to tell, we strategically craft a partnership to bring that story to life.

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Consulting & Events

FSM Consulting advises brands on how to use sports as a platform to achieve their business goals and drive brand awareness. By leveraging our diverse experiences and network of relationships, FSM Consulting provides counsel on strategy development, negotiation, account management and activation to help clients achieve tangible results.

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Special Events

FSM Special Events in an industry leader in the creation, planning, and execution of a broad spectrum of unique sports and entertainment events at a variety of iconic venues. From ice rinks, to ski ramps, to football and soccer- if it can be played our team will find a way to bring it to life and provide an exceptional experience for all.

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Events & Experiences

The FSM Events & Experiences team is responsible for developing creative experiences for our customers and clients. Our expertise allows us to deliver fan travel experiences, as well as large scale brand focused events. Ranging from both regional and international group fan travel trips, to intimate premium outings that support brand objectives, each of our experiences are developed to deliver best in class service.

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