It’s the start of baseball season, but nowadays at Fenway Park, events are year-round.

The first Red Sox game of the season this week marks the start of the 112th season of baseball at Fenway Park. But nowadays, it’s merely the latest focus of a never-ending season of business activity at the historic stadium.

The lack of any real downtime was never more apparent than this past fall and winter, when Fenway hosted its first-ever college football bowl game, a Bruins game and a series of college hockey games.

“It was definitely our busiest offseason,” said Mark Lev, the president of Fenway Sports Management, a division of the Red Sox ownership.

Fenway opened in 1912 and remains the oldest stadium in major American professional sports. In recent years, it’s been increasingly hosting non-baseball events, following a trend where teams take full advantage of venues that otherwise sit empty during the off-season.

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